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Oracle Valley is a spiritual garden and the place to be for using several free esoteric methods, and we welcome you to to have a special esoteric consult.
The spiritual methods are all based on the very old traditional methods, and help you to obtain intuitive insights and spiritual reflections.

Three esoteric reading methods in Oracle Valley

Gipsy Fortune Teller ~ Fortune Telling with Playing cards

In the old gypsy wagon you'll find the well-known Gipsy Fortune Teller, giving you a free traditional cartomancy reading with three playing cards about love, friendship, carreer, money, happiness, and past, present and future...
The personal information and advises the Gipsy Fortune Fortune Teller provides you in the interactive reading session, is mostly right on spotor useful, and can sometimes give you very clear directions on how to handle some situations or life matters. Read the meaning of your cards, and when you reflect the information on your personal life-circumstances, you might be surpised by the insights you get.

Three Cards Reading
with Playing Cards

The Tarot Palace ~ Card reading with Tarot Cards

Visit the Tarot Palace for a reading with the famous Tarot cards.
Choose a theme and concentrate on your question while choosing your cards. The tarot is popular and helpful for receiving intuitive information, that is more up to the level of the soul. The revelations that you are given here, are to help you to become more close to your inner self, and to awaken your inner consiousness.

~ TAROT~Palace ~

Three Cards Reading
with Tarot Cards

The I CHING Oracle ~ Book of Changes

The I Ching (the Book of Changes) gives you constructive personal reflections on the changes in your life, where nothing stays the same, and everything is changing and moving all the time.
At the I Ching Oracle you are gonna take a real traditional by casting the three cupper coins six times. On the basis of your six throws with the three coins, wherein each coin will land on the front side or common side, the I Ching calculation will be made automatically for you.
So with every trow a Yin- or a Yang line is drawn, resulting in your personal six lines hexagram.

A click on the book will make the applicable number and your spiritual I Ching forecast to be revealed.

~ I CHING Oracle ~

Short I Ching reading
Cast the coins

What's more in Oracle Valley?

The Well of Wisdom

The Well of Wisdom brings up inspirational life wisdom from ancient and modern times, every time you use the wooden bucket to lower it into the magical well.
Thousands of old and modern sayings and quotes, make the Well of Wisdom a wonderful spiritual and motivational source to get your self positively inspired every day.

The Genie of the Lamp

Enter the cave on the eastern side of Oracle Valley, and rub the lamp just slowly and carefully... If you do it well, the Genie of the Lamp will come out with words for You...

Wish Fountain

At the Wish Fountain you are invited to stand still for a moment, take a deep breath and send out a good wish or good thought for someone or for any situation in the world.

Maybe you want to make a general wish for peace, love and a better world. Concentrate on and send out your good thought or positive energy to the Universe and click only once at the Wish Fountain.

Good luck ~~¤ :D

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